The will

in Franco Battiato, Open sesame, 2013
(testo di Franco Battiato – Manlio Sgalambro, citazioni da Dante Alighieri, musica di Franco Battiato, edizione inglese di Testamento)

I leave to the heirs the impartiality, the will to grow and understand,
a severe and fierce look to not offend without reason.

I leave my practice on respiration,
Christ in the Gospels talks about reincarnation.

I leave to friends the happy years, of the most audacious reflections,
the reciprocal freedom not to feel bound to each other.

… I used to like everything of my mortal life,
even the smell that gave the asparagus to urine.

We never died,
we were never borne!

The lost time, who knows why, one never gets it back
the urban languages are intertwined and merge in day to day.

“You were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge”…
the idea of the visible attracts, my hope waits.

Hanging from the branches, raindrops slowly falling down,
meanwhile, on top of a cypress, a magpie watches.

It’s a shame that I can’t fly, but falling into darkness
taught me how rise up.

And I liked everything in my mortal life, we were never dead and we were never borne.

We never died,
we were never borne!

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