The dust of the pack

in Franco Battiato, Open sesame, 2013
(testo di Franco Battiato – Manlio Sgalambro, citazioni da William Jones – Ludwig van Beethoven, musica di Franco Battiato, edizione inglese de La polvere del branco)

Do you know Tulku Urgyen? Have you ever heard of him?
Do you know the seekers of the truth? Have you ever hear of them?

We believe we are free, but we are prisoners of invasive homes that inhabit and make us impotent.

We believe we are free, but we are prisoners, growing on an imaginary ship
the dust of the pack is arising, mysterious and persistent.
We believe we are free, but we are slaves, millions and millions of lost shadows,
noisily we walk on the streets raising dust.

Millions of shadows, walking into nothingness

I tell you nothing disturbs me, but you get on my nerves,
I want to isolate myself and follow my destiny, because to die is like dreaming.

Pure, Inaccessible, and Wrapt in a Solitary Shadow,
Impenetrable Obscurity, Intense, Impervious, Immense…
he gave life to the Gods, and no man ever lifted their Veil.

… Millions and millions of shadows.

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